Pastor Angulus Wilson Called to Leave FPU

Long-time FPU servant, Pastor Angulus Wilson, has felt the Lord calling him back to full-time pastoring and church building. President Jones has requested Angulus to serve for his last few months on a special assignment for the president. He will be serving in that capacity until December 31, 2019.  Pastor Brian Davis will be immediately installed as the interim director of chapel and spiritual formation. Thank you Brian for agreeing to serve in this capacity.

Pastor Angulus’ journey at FPU started as an undergraduate student athlete. After serving at Wheaton and Samford Universities, he returned to FPU where he has now faithfully served for 12 years as University Pastor, Dean of Spiritual Formation, and more recently, Chief Diversity Officer.

During his time here, Pastor has left an indelible impression on the University through his pastoral ministry. He was always prepared to preach, teach, or meet with students, faculty, and staff for prayer and encouragement. His work on campus was recognized a few years ago with the President’s Distinguished Service Award. Pastor Angulus has been an inspiring voice for justice and has worked tirelessly with students who are under-represented in higher education.

Even while serving the University, Pastor Angulus developed and provided leadership to Angelos Biblical Institute, which ministered to and trained pastors, church members, and students in places all over the world, including Fresno, Rwanda, the Democratic Republic of Congo, and South Africa. He has also continued to serve as Senior Pastor at New Beginnings Community Baptist Church, and built an impressive preaching, teaching, and evangelism ministry in local jails and prisons.

As you likely know, one of Pastor’s favorite greetings is, “Grace and joy to you family!” There was no mistaking that he embodied this greeting at FPU, eagerly desiring our community to experience the grace and joy that comes from knowing Christ and treating all as a part of his family. Thank you, Pastor, for always making our community feel loved and valued!