Movement in Title IX and Residence Life

Due to the growing nature of Title IX and the depth and breadth of cases that the institution has responded to over the last year, it has become apparent that more time and attention needs to be directed towards this endeavor.

With that said, starting on October 7, 2019 Pam Schock will assume the role of University Title IX Coordinator and Dale Scully, Vice President of Student Life, will step down from that position, but stay connected as a Title IX Adjudicator/Appeal Officer.  Pam is well-trained and experienced in Title IX and trauma informed investigations and will do a wonderful job leading the university’s Title IX efforts.  Pam will relinquish her role as head of residence life and housing but will stay involved as the institution’s Chief Conduct Officer as well as a consultant to residence life and a member of the emergency management team.

Mandie Wall will assume the title of Director of Residence Life and Housing.  Mandie has been the Assistant Director for a couple of years now and is primed and ready to take over this role in Student Life.  Please, join me in congratulating Mandie on this promotion.