Cybersecurity Awareness Month Week Two Tips

Welcome to week two of Cybersecurity Month. This week we have two more tips for you to keep you and the university safe.


Don’t click that link! Always be careful when clicking on attachments or links in email. If it’s unexpected or suspicious for any reason, don’t click on it. Hover over the link to see the URL of the website the link takes you to. Often, malicious sites will be slightly misspelled and will take you to a harmful domain so pay attention.  Think you can spot a phony website? Try the Phishing Quiz from It’s ok to click this link, it’s coming from a valid source. If you don’t, however, I respect that.


Pay attention to the email address of the person who sent you an email. Many phishing scams seemingly come from people you know, however, if you look at the email address associated with the name of the person, it might not be the email address you’d expect. For instance, if you get an urgent email from your boss asking you do send money or sensitive data and the email is not coming from their email address but some or other address, you should be suspicious. If you become suspicious of an urgent email you think is from someone you know, always check with them via another communication mechanism you know is theirs, either their email address, instant message them on Skype for Business, or give them a call to confirm the request. If you can’t get hold of them please contact helpdesk to help determine if the request is legitimate.


Thank you for taking cybersecurity seriously!