Cybersecurity Awareness Month Week Three Tips

Welcome to week three of Cybersecurity Month.  Here are your two tips for this week.


Don’t share sensitive information – Pay attention to what you’re sharing on social media, as well as who is following you.  Individuals can gain access to a vast amount of data about you via your social media accounts.  Things like your relationship status, where you go to school, where and what you do for work, when you are on vacation, etc.  This information can be used as a starting point in a social engineering scam to make you feel more at ease with the scammer.  For instance, if they know what school you went to they can use that information along with things they find out about your school online and can be pretty convincing which can make you let down your guard which is when they will get additional information from you or convince you to do something for them.


Look out for social engineering – Individuals looking to gain access to your accounts or the data you have access to may use social engineering to manipulate you into doing things or providing information you should not.  It’s ok to say no.  Social engineering attempts may try to manipulate you with a crisis situation or try to entice you with some monetary reward.  If you think you are being pressured at work to do something abnormal, don’t do it, escalate the issue up to a supervisor.  You can also search online to see if what is being told to you has been reported as a scam. Lastly, if you are being contacted by email, try calling the person or company via information you have or have looked up independently online to confirm their identity.  Social engineering can come in many forms so be on the lookout.