New Parking Policy Effective Jan 1, 2020

In response to complaints about people parking in permit-only lots without a permit, Cabinet has approved a new parking policy that will go into effect Jan 1, 2020. Some highlights:

  • Parking tickets will now be processed by a parking enforcement service.
  • Notice of parking tickets and fines due will be mailed to the registered (DMV) owner of the vehicle.
  • Most parking fines are $40.
  • If a parking fine is not paid within 21 days a $55 late fee will be added to the fine. If the parking fine plus late fee is not paid within the next 30 days the ticket will be sent to collections. 
  • A vehicle with more than four unpaid tickets may be towed.
  • Permit fees are increasing from $50/yr to $80/yr to help pay for the ticket processing service and for permit monitoring.


Please read the policy on the intranet for complete details.