TUG School of Business Trip to Sacramento

“Awesome experience.” “The real deal.” “Opportunity of a lifetime.” “So worth the drive.” These are just a few of the comments from students who travelled to Sacramento on October 4 to make a presentation to the California Department of Boating and Waterways (DBW) and tour the Sacrament State Aquatic Center. The presentation and visit were part of a client-based project in the FPU Organizational Communication and Project Management classes that are assisting the Fresno PARKS & Recreation program with a DBW aquatic center grant proposal.

Aquatic Centers are funded by the DBW and  the United States Coast Guard to promote water safety and responsible boating.The City of Fresno is seeking a grant to establish Aquatic Center programs and facilities on the San Joaquin River in Fresno.

Project Management students are developing a project m plan for the aquatic center.  Organizational communication students are creating promotional materials and website content. In addition to the DBW, students will be presenting their work to project stakeholders, including the City of Fresno and the San Joaquin River Conservancy. Students in the School of Business TUG classes are gaining some great “real world” experiences!