On Thursday, October 24, we are bringing Q Commons to Fresno. Here are three quick reasons why we hope you’ll make plans to join us and invite your friends to this unique event.
1. Q Commons focuses on the issues and ideas most important to our city.
A strong local connection is a part of what makes this event so unique. Together, we’ll listen to insightful and impactful talks from:

  • Marcel Woodruff: Reimagining Love As A Radical Resistance To Othering
  • Danielle Bergstrom: The Next Big (Water) Bet on the Valley
  • Paul Swearengin: Is God a Conservative Republican?

These three presenters will offer us new perspectives on the issues and ideas shaping our city.
2. Q Commons offers a global connection.
We’ll also live-stream talks from the following thought-leaders:

  • Journalist and author Malcolm Gladwell, who will inspire us to create a better future for our neighbors.
  • Pastor and author Francis Chan, who will empower us to create a better future through our churches.
  • Author Rebekah Lyons, who will equip us with four life-giving rhythms that lead to improved mental health and a better future for our own lives.

Together, these three will challenge us to imagine how we can create a better future for our neighbors, our churches, and our own lives.
3. Q Commons sparks conversations and partnerships.
This event is not just about listening; it’s about learning, discussing and taking action. A key component of Q Commons is dedicated time for response conversations, or intentional moments to discuss what you just heard with the like-minded leaders around you. Our hope is that these conversations and partnerships extend well beyond this evening, inspiring people from across our city to advance good.  
Visit qcommons.com/fresno to learn more and make plans to join us for Q Commons today.


Q Commons Host Team

  • Andrew Feil / Every Neighborhood Partnership
  • Paul Swearengin/ CORE Leaders - Non-Partisan Evangelical
  • Breanne Wyse / FPU Office of Spiritual Formation
  • Tom Sims / 4141 Ministries
  • Jeremy Brown / Fresno Christian
  • Ryan Kenny / Midtown Vineyard Church
  • Simon Biasell / Woven Community

See you there!