Resignation of Deseri Banda

Deseri Banda, office manager in facilities, will be leaving the university on the Friday, November 8. Deseri has decided to move out of the Fresno area to continue her career. It is hard to put into words how to express our feelings. It is a bitter sweet time.

God sends people in our lives to help shape and mold us to become better than we were. Deseri is one of those people. Always professional and caring, the essence of the servant attitude needed in facilities. With just the right blend of accountability to foster encouragement, understanding and a can do it attitude, she will be greatly missed. We know that God has the next chapter in her life prepared for her, as for us. God has provided for us a new office manager, Danielle Cordova. Please welcome her as she steps in to fill the shoes of Deseri. No one can replace those that have gone before us. The foundations that have been laid are set before us to continue to build upon with the gifts and talents God has given to us. His Kingdom continues to grow as do we!