Senior Professionals Announcement 11/5

The Senior Professionals seminar for day, Tuesday, November 5 (2:00 - 4:00 p.m. in SCC 103), features the last of three seminars on "75 Years in the Making" of FPU with a focus on student perspectives. Kevin Enns-Rempel will open the session, followed by a panel of Dolly Friesen, Luetta Reimer, Ken Friesen and Taylor Starks. Faculty and staff are invited to attend as guests of the Council.


Kevin Enns-Rempel will briefly identify some of the most significant changes in the composition of the student body, nature of student life, extracurricular activities, character of the spiritual emphasis, and sense of identity with the institution. The panel of former and current students will then explore the following consequences of the three institutional transitions from PBI to FPU: 


1. Student Composition: From Predominantly Mennonite Brethren to Predominantly Non-Mennonite Brethren

2. Student Life: From Predominantly Traditional to Predominantly Non-Traditional

3. Co-Curricular Activities: From Generalized to More Particularized Participation