What's Been Going on With Moodle?

Dear colleagues, I’m sure those of you who have been teaching utilizing our learning.fresno.edu Moodle system have noticed that in the last month or two there have been several outages or performance issues. We have been in contact with the company that hosts our LMS about these issues and wanted to report back to you all about what has been done to solve the issues and to make these systems more stable moving forward.


Without going into all the technical details, our Moodle hosting provider has been working since late summer on modernizing their infrastructure to provide better performance and stability. Any time changes are made, unintended consequences may occur no matter how much testing is done.  The intermittent issues that have popped up over the last couple of months are a testament to that and the problems we were experiencing stemmed from issues between the software that runs Moodle and the hardware that manages the load between servers in their infrastructure. This issue was finally identified and corrected on the 24th of October. There have been no reported incidents since that time and systems appear to be running very nicely. In order to be more proactive moving forward, our Moodle hosting provider has hired additional staff, assembled a team specifically focused on their cloud infrastructure, and is revising operational  procedures in order to better monitor and maintain their systems to decrease the likelihood of future disruptions. 


IT Services and COL are very hopeful that this additional focus on infrastructure and dedicated staffing at our hosting provider will make a huge difference.