October Monthly Marketing Report

In some ways, the month of October felt like the calm before the storm; before the Encounter, Enrollment Express events, the 75th Gala and more. However, all those events tend to mean marketing madness in the preceding weeks. The UMC team was hard at work pumping promotional plans for the flurry of activity. October saw an influx of degree completion prospective student leads and the earliest of undergraduate applications as families complete their FAFSA. Anniversary content led to an uptick in YouTube video views as we dripped out the 7 Weeks of Prayer highlighting distinguished alum and their work in our community (watch their full-length stories here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLkiPW-L4AN0PbyrfRzazU9RG84n_VdjME.


As always let us know if you have questions about the report or what else you would like to see.