Study Abroad Trip to Turkey

Want to understand the New Testament better and the ancient world in which it was written? Then join associate dean and (former) Biblical and Theological Studies professor Greg A. Camp, Ph.D., who has led several trips to Greece and Turkey, on a discovery tour that focuses on the Roman world of Paul, John, Revelation, Acts, Ephesians, Colossians and the early church. See temples, sculptures, mosaics, frescoes, ancient houses, gymnasiums, theaters, marketplaces, spas, sewer systems, stadiums, harbors and more. Layers of history span Hittite, Greek, Roman, Byzantine, Ottoman and modern times. Anyone is welcome to join the trip. There is a two-week and a three-week option. Additional features have been added to highlight medical practices of the ancient world as we will visit the Greek island of Kos, the home of Hypocrites, and the Asklepion in Pergamum. Also included is a day trip to Samos to the home of Pythagoras. Religion, art, science, architecture, archaeology, food (did I mention food?). A wonderful trip that is drawing people for seconds (trip and food). FPU employees, alumni, friends of FPU, students, total strangers – all are welcome. Contact the tour leader at by the end of December of interested. Additional information cane be found on the Study Abroad page at the following link: