Congratulations Francisco Carrillo!

Francisco Carrillo, tutoring operations supervisor at the Academic Success Center, recently published a book as a culminating project for his master’s program. He will earn his M.A. in Spanish Literature from Fresno State after this fall semester. Here is a summary of the book:


The book Jauja la microhistoria was written to share how Mexican history is comprised of numerous microhistories which events most likely will never be told in books. The uniqueness of this academic work is to conserve the importance of our ancestors’ history and by writing about events that were remarkable that shaped the nation that Mexico is right now. Another important component of Jauja: una microhistoria is to narrate from an oral tradition from the members of the village which is located about 2,641 miles from Fresno. Given the fact that 65% of its population are residents of Fresno County and this book will be bringing Jauja’s most important events. Therefore, the purpose of the project is to preserve the history of Jauja and for the new generations to learn where their parents came from.


Please join me in congratulating Francisco on both the publishing of his book and his graduation!