Disability Etiquette and Making Accessible Electronic Documents

For those of you who have appreciated my tidbits on interacting with people with disabilities, here is a concise but comprehensive, readable source of information complete with cool cartoons. Please click on this site Disability Etiquette published by the United Spinal Association. I have also found easy-to-read and understand handouts on how to make electronic documents fully accessible. These sources from the Department of Rehabilitation are written for the non-tech savvy among us. I encourage everyone to read these brief documents: Three steps to Creating an Accessible PDF file (without Adobe Acrobat), Seven Steps to Creating an Accessible PowerPoint Slideshow, and Seven Steps to Creating an Accessible Microsoft Word Document. If you have any questions on making documents accessible, feel free to contact either my office of the Center for Online Learning. Did you notice that my hyperlinks are all meaningful text, not just “click here” or the full, long gibberish URL address? That’s the kind of thing you can learn how and why to do.