Annual University Equipment and Account Acceptable Use Agreement

As part of the FPU Information Security Plan, you will be receiving an email that will request you to review and electronically sign the Annual University Equipment and Account Acceptable Use Agreement form. This form is very similar to the one you signed when you first received a computer or other IT device from the Helpdesk.  If you were not assigned a computer or other device, this may be the first time you are seeing this form.  The intent of this annual sign off is to help FPU employees stay up-to-date on the technology policies that govern the appropriate use of university technology and data as compliance laws and security protocols continue to change and evolve.


You should expect to see this coming from entitled “IT Policy Notice” and will include this link  These emails will be sent at the beginning of February.  You are more than welcome to go ahead and click the link in this squawk box message and sign off before the notices are sent out.  If you do, you won’t get the email until next year.


If this is the first time you’ve used our electronic forms system, Etrieve, you will need to log in using your username and password, NOT the full Office 365 email address like you do for Moodle or Sunbird Central.


Thank you for making information security a priority.