Historic 2019 Central Valley Human Trafficking Study

For the last year and a half the Center for Community Transformation (CCT) has worked on a historic Central Valley Human Trafficking Data Project, which coordinated 23 agencies from Merced to Bakersfield working against human trafficking in the sharing of data in a more comprehensive form than ever possible. This week, the CCT produced its first report, which the agencies will use to improve and enhance their work. For the first time, we are able to aggregate data from throughout our valley, giving a comprehensive view of the scope of the problem, drilling down to capture specific aspects in a way which has never before been possible, as well as detailing the many efforts ongoing in the fight against trafficking. This historic process involved the participation of 23 valley agencies from Merced to Bakersfield connected to the fight through the vehicles of prevention and awareness training, street outreach, work with pre-victims, service to victims and survivors, law-enforcement, and police chaplaincy. 


More than 825 reports were gathered and thousands of data points including demographic data, recruiting methods, service, demand, those vulnerable to being victimized, and a host of others.


The final report was presented yesterday at the steering committee of the Freedom Coalition, which erupted in applause at the end, acknowledging the significance of such a study, as well as the possibility of shaping our work based on empirical evidence. Our thanks to Sarah Johnston of the EOC’s CVAHT and H Spees of the Mayor’s office for their encouragement and oversight.


SPECIAL THANKS GOES TO FPU’s JEFF JONES FOR HIS HELP SETTING UP THE DATABASE. Data in service of the fight against trafficking. This makes Jeff a freedom fighter, a silent hero in our midst.