Casa Pacifica – Everything You Need to Know!

New year, new updates to Casa Pacifica!

All calendar requests, reservations and information for Casa Pacifica will now be coordinated by Vanessa Dietmeyer in Student Life Office. This season of transition affords us the opportunity to re-familiarize some and introduce to others the unique benefit that FPU has in this three-story “cabin” located near Shaver Lake in the Sierra Nevada Mountains - just up the road!

Casa Pacifica is a retreat facility that was gifted to the university for the purpose of hosting FPU students, staff, and faculty. As such, access to the cabin has been tiered by priority as described below:

  1. University groups and/or events (spiritual & leadership retreats, department retreats, etc.)
  2. Personal use by faculty and staff who have not rented within the last year
  3. Personal use by faculty and staff who have rented within the last year
  4. General public (churches, etc.)

How to Submit a Booking Request:

We are transitioning to a new method for submitting ALL requests (yes, university groups/events included!) to book the cabin.

Casa Pacifica Booking Request Form:


Try the link out now! It has all the information you need.

Questions? Contact us: