Atta-Bird Grams at Staff Break

Join Staff Executive this afternoon from 2:00 - 2:30 p.m. in the North Hall Chapel for the next staff break! Take this opportunity to come grab a snack and some hot coffee. There will be Atta-Bird Grams available for those who wish to give affirmation or acknowledgment to other employees or departments. What’s an Atta-Bird Gram? These grams are an opportunity to thank and praise your fellow colleagues for their hard work and efforts! Regional campuses will receive an Atta-Bird package with the grams and treats for the staff members at those campuses. If you are unable to make it to break and still wish to partake in the Atta-Bird Grams, the Information window in McDonald Hall will have additional sheets and a drop box ready for submissions! Staff Executive will be delivering the grams the following week. We look forward to seeing you next Thursday!