Faculty and Staff Survey Announcement

Beginning February 3, you will each receive an official invitation from the Higher Education Research Institute (HERI) to complete a voluntary and anonymous survey—a survey specifically for the faculty and a survey specifically for the staff.

Administered every three years, these national surveys provide important information about the satisfaction, goals, and experiences of working in higher education. Institutional results from these surveys are an important means of charting the work of higher education’s progress and provide ways to identify areas needing improvement.

Not only are these findings reported in a publication by HERI and in the media, such as the Chronicle of Higher Education, but they also demonstrate to WSCUC that FPU’s leadership at all levels, including faculty and staff, is committed to improvement based on the results of inquiry, evidence, and evaluation (CFR 4.3).

Again, participation is voluntary. Please know your rights to confidentiality are a priority throughout the administration of these surveys. These surveys are handled in a confidential and professional manner. In fact, any reporting with fewer than five respondents will be suppressed in order to protect confidentiality.

If you choose to participate, the Office of Institutional Effectiveness (OIE) thank you in advance for your participation and for supporting FPU’s culture of assessment.