Congrats to Josh Friesen - New FPU Putnam Exam High Score!

Congratulations to Josh Friesen who has set a new FPU record for his score on the 2019 Putnam Exam! Friesen led the 2019 FPU Putnam team to place #381 of 488 participating institutions, including undergraduate institutions ranging from small private colleges to state universities and the Ivy Leagues.

According to the Mathematics Association of America: "The William Lowell Putnam Mathematical Competition is the preeminent mathematics competition for undergraduate college students in the United States and Canada...The competition consists of two 3-hour sessions...During each session, participants work individually on 6 challenging mathematical problems...Although participants work independently on the problems, there is a team aspect to the competition as well. Institutions are ranked according to the sum of the scores of their three highest-scoring participants."


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