Staff Executive Positions are Open

Nominations are now open for the following Staff Executive positions!

Nominations can be sent to or by clicking here.


Open Positions:

·         Vice President (currently Catherine Lusk)

·         Personnel (currently Jen Little)

·         Social (currently Kerry Sue Brown)

·         Regional Campus Representative (currently Jennifer Martinez)

·         Faculty Senate/Budget Advisory (currently Javier Patino)


Staff Caucus members can nominate themselves or other Staff Caucus members who meet the following eligibility requirements:


a. Employed at least 3⁄4 time (30 hours per week). 

b. Has worked at Fresno Pacific University for a period of one year.

c. Receives written permission from their supervisor submitted to the Vice President of Staff Caucus. 

d. Has prior participation in Staff Caucus and/or Staff Caucus sponsored events. 

The job descriptions and detailed information about Staff Executive and the open positions can be found in the Staff Caucus Bylaws located on the Intranet. Click on this link if you would like further information:


Nominations will no longer be accepted after 5:00 p.m. on Wednesday, April 15.