TUG Admissions Update to Staffing

In February (pre-COVID), the TUG Admission Office had a few promotions and shifts to new roles in our office. With the departure of two admission counselors in January and a key member moving over to a new role at FPU last December, it gave us the opportunity to re-organize and move around some responsibilities. But with all that is happened, we have not yet had the chance to share those with the FPU community.


Here are those changes:

  • Jen Little who has been serving as our Senior Admission Counselor and Campus Visit and Events Coordinator, has assumed a new position in the admission office as the Assistant Director of Health Science Admission and Recruitment. She will be working with our new TUG BSN program applicants, through both application processes, as well as working with our Pharmacy and Kinesiology applicants to highlight the selling points of the programs, improve yield rates, and to help students transition seamlessly to FPU. Her new office is in Wiebe 145.


  • Vanessa Rodriguez, Admission Counselor, has moved into Jen’s role as the Campus Visit and Events Coordinator. Vanessa will also oversee the Student Callers and be the point person for any prospective TUG visitors to campus.


  • Martha Fregoso and Taylor Starks were both promoted back in February to Senior Admission Counselor. Their new role will involve supervision of student ambassadors, travel recruitment coordination and other key enrollment projects.


Please join us in congratulating Jen, Vanessa, Martha and Taylor on their new titles and roles! We are excited to see all they will accomplish!


Here is an updated list of the TUG Admission Full-time Staff

  • Krista Brooks, Director of Admission
  • Jodi Smith, Assistant Director of International Admission and Recruitment  (New Office location as of 6/1 – W145)
  • Jen Little, Assistant Director of Health Science Admission and Recruitment (New Office location as of 6/1 – W145)
  • Martha Fregoso, Senior Admission Counselor
  • Taylor Starks, Senior Admission Counselor
  • Jorge Cubillos, Admission Counselor
  • Joy Rubio, Admission Counselor
  • Sarah Vang, Admission Counselor
  • Emma Heinrichs, Transfer Admission Counselor
  • Vanessa Rodriguez, Campus Visit and Events Coordinator
  • Denise Garcia, Admission Office Manager
  • Stephanie Lee, Admission Operations Assistant – Application Specialist
  • Jennifer McDermott, Admission Operations Assistant – Data Entry/Customer Service Specialist (Front Desk)