ALAS Title V Grant Updates

As many of you may be aware, the ALAS Title V grant was awarded in 2015 from the U.S. Department of Education as a five-year award and is due for completion on September 30, 2020. We are pleased to announce that Fresno Pacific University will continue to keep the ALAS Intercultural Learning Center and program services open and available. As the upcoming academic year will bring some new challenges, economically and working within the new pandemic guidelines, this will undoubtedly impact how the ALAS program staff and services will function. Our commitment to providing academic, peer and career support, along with a sense of belonging offered through resources in a safe communal space has contributed to the persistence, retention and graduation of students, and remains unchanged. Especially in light of recent events, we look forward to continuing our work promoting, embracing, educating and encouraging equity, diversity and inclusion.


Beginning July 1, the ALAS program will be restructured under Campus Life with the following team: Patty Salinas (ALAS project director), Javier Patino (ALAS academic supervisor) and Estela Saldana (ALAS career counselor). Celeste Hernandez, ALAS research analyst will continue in her role as a research analyst but will be expanding her role in the Office of Institutional Research on a permanent basis. 


Unfortunately, due to university restructuring constraints, both the positions of Manuela Gabriel, Ph.D., (ALAS assistant project director) and Francisco Del Canto Viterale, Ph.D., (ALAS project coordinator) will not continue to be a part of the program.  Manuela and Francisco have been a fundamental part of the ALAS family for the past four years. Their work and scholarship is highly regarded by staff and faculty and have been an instrumental part in carrying forward the ALAS work in culturally embedded curriculum with faculty. We are grateful for Francisco’s leadership with our peer mentors, our events and workshops, our diversity research project and his work with the community (especially the significant work he did with the Mexican Consulate). We are so appreciative of Manuela’s leadership in the development of diversity and inclusion training, our CEC summits, student leadership training and community partnerships. Their work with students in diversity, inclusion, intercultural competencies, research and their mentorship is valued. They will both be missed. 


Regrettably, at this time we cannot currently gather to say goodbye, so please email your appreciation to Manuela and Francisco.