School of Education Welcomes Heather Rutowicz

I am pleased to announce that Heather Rutowicz has accepted our invitation to become the professor of literacy in the Teacher Education Division at Fresno Pacific University. Although Heather has been with the School of Education since 2014, this is a new position in the division with a slightly different focus and scope of responsibility.


Heather is a graduate of Bowling Green State University with a Bachelor of Arts in Education and Master of Education in Special Education.  Previous to her employment at FPU, Heather worked at the Jackson Hearing Center in Palo Alto, California, yes, and she knew Chuck Merritt, Ed.D., during her time there!


On her application, Heather wrote:

The best teachers tell us where to look, but don’t tell us what to see. I believe one of the most important obligations a teacher has is to assist students in self-learning and to help them create personal and on-going inquiry by pointing them in the right direction and by guiding them by asking the right questions; by telling them where to look, but not telling them what to see.


The search committee noted this about Heather:

The enthusiasm and joy that exudes from her when she talks about the importance of teachers discovering how to motivate their students to read is infectious. She has developed a clear conceptual theory about how to teach teachers to teach reading and this theory “threads” throughout her pedagogical approach to teaching.


We are delighted that professor Rutowicz will continue with our School of Education community!