The Mystery Sunbird is... 6/17

If you read the Wednesday, June 17, “Who’s That Sunbird?” edition in Squawk Box, then you would have been able to guess who this week’s mystery Sunbird is. If you guessed, Garret Menges, then you guessed correctly! Garret has been employed at FPU since September of 2018 and works at the North Fresno Regional Campus (NFC). He began his Sunbird career as in the Campus Operations Office at the NFC and has since transitioned into an advising role. Some of Garret’s hobbies include camping, backpacking and cooking. Next time you talk or Zoom with him, ask him about his experiences while teaching English in China for two years. He was located right outside of Wuhan! While working remotely, Garret has been enjoying making sourdough bread at home, completing a lot of puzzles and playing with his new puppy Rosie who is a Husky and German Shepherd mix. He is looking forward to his upcoming backpacking trips in Stanislaus National Forest and Sequoia National Park.



Thank you, Garret, for participating in this week’s segment of “Who’s That Sunbird?”.


Also, a thank you to our employees who submitted their guesses!


A special shout out to the following employees who guessed correctly:

  • Sirley Carballo