Rehoming Two Cats: Free

Hello everyone, we are looking for a wonderful home for our two female white cats that just turned two years old. We love them very much, but due to my wife developing an allergy to cats, as well as family members moving in that have allergies, we are looking to find them a new family and home. There is Lily, and then there is Coco (blue collar). They are nearly identical, except Coco is a little heavier than Lily.

They have been fully indoor cats and both have been spayed and up to date on vaccinations. They both also have their front paws declawed, so their front claws no longer extend. For this reason, I would want them to be indoor cats wherever they go.

They are the sweetest and kindest, family and child-friendly cats, and they love to snuggle. They have never hissed, scratched or caused any concern for my family. We would like to give them to a loving family or cat lover for free. Please reach out via email to for details. Feel free to share with fellow cat lovers. Thank you so much for helping us!