A Message from the President

Many of you are aware of a previous announcement concerning the status of the ALAS program. The program is funded through mid-fall, but many aspects of the program we will retain for continued support of our students. ALAS has been one of the diversity arms for the university through programming and faculty support for a diverse curriculum. Patty Salinas has led this program and continues to care for our Latinx students. 

This fall the University Diversity Committee, Campus Diversity Ministries and ALAS will be engaging collectively to coordinate our curricula and co-curricular strategies. These efforts will be led by Melanie Howard, Ph.D., Martha Fregoso, Breanne Wyse and Patty Salinas. In the fall, the UDC will meet monthly with the president, providing leadership for all diversity initiatives. Patty Salinas will serve as the interim Chief Diversity Officer during our process of restructuring our collective work in diversity.

We look forward to the input of Faculty Senate, Staff Caucus and academic programs to engage in the planning dialogue this fall. Our vision is to initiate a coordinated curricula and co-curricular effort in celebrating the diversity characteristic of the Central Valley. Further information will be forthcoming in early fall.