Juneteenth Celebration: Information and Link

Thank you to everyone who watched or participated in the Juneteenth Celebration on Tuesday, June 30, as we heard from members of the community, learned more about the history of our Black brothers and sisters and celebrated alongside them. If you missed the event, you can watch the recording at the following link: https://use.vg/ljCBtY

You can also watch the recording on the Staff Caucus Yammer community:



A special thank you to our event organizers, Kristy Sims-Jefferson and Emily Colvard from the Registrar’s Office, and our invited guests Marsha & Staci Jones, founders of Purposed II Praise School of Dance, Rosalind Butler-Patrick, proprietor of 2 local Hot Dog on a Stick franchises and Rev. DJ Criner, senior pastor of St. Rest Baptist Church.

During this time, we were able to hear from a couple of brilliant local business owners who shared a bit of what they do, why they do it and how we can support. If you would like to learn more about Purposed II Praise School of Dance and Hot Dog on a Stick please find their contact information below.


*Purposed II Praise School of Dance - Marsha & Staci Jones

Address: 1955 Broadway Street Fresno, CA 93721




To support:

$PIIP4L - CashApp



*Hot Dog on a Stick- Rosalind Butler-Patrick

Sierra Vista Mall location: 559-298-3565 (Clovis store)

Fashion Fair Mall location: 559-229-4014 (Fresno store)

Catering opportunities: War.llc2017@gmail.com



Please feel free to reach out to Emily Colvard at emily.colvard@fresno.edu or Kristy Sims-Jefferson at kristy.sims@fresno.edu if you have any further questions.