June Monthly Marketing Report

Even though it's summer, the work continues to enroll students for summer semesters, prepare for the fall terms and look ahead to new ventures. Social media is one area in which we continue to see high engagement and impressions. Staying current on world events is a priority, however, so we also use our platforms to highlight positive things happening in and around our campuses. Website and email traffic remains steady, showing us that prospective students and donors want to remain in communication with us. Mass advertising on TV and radio spread FPU awareness broadly, while digital advertisements target students more specifically for programs that might interest them; we are encouraged to see that performance in these areas are keeping our lead and application pipelines steady for future start terms.

Other projects have kept strategists and designers busy - make sure to check out the TUG student gift boxes and how we're "building" excitement for the Culture and Arts Center construction taking place on Main Campus.


The goal of UMC remains to be a service-oriented department that can meet the needs of the entire university. May and June’s reports are now available on the intranet. Please feel free to read and reach out to us if you have any areas in which we can be of service to you.