Airline Tickets Available

Once the COVID-19 environment resolves, and it will resolve, is your department planning to attend a conference or training that requires air travel? Is your family planning a vacation, family reunion or wedding that requires air travel? The FPU Music Office can help you!


The Music Office has a $14,640 credit with Alaska Airlines that needs to be used by March 19, 2021. The FPU band was to travel to Tacoma this past March to perform in a conference, but the coronavirus caused the conference to be cancelled. The band doesn’t anticipate traveling as a group during this upcoming academic year, so the department is offering these tickets to campus groups or families. If these tickets aren’t claimed by March 19, 2021, the Music Department will lose $14,640. 

Here are the details:

Alaska Airlines tickets
38 individual tickets, $385.27 each at the group rate
Can be claimed individually, or in any combination needed.
If booking 10 or more tickets at once, the existing group ticket rate will be honored.
If booking less than 10 tickets at once, the price will be the non-group rate, 10-20% higher.
All that’s needed to claim these tickets is the ticket number and the name of the original traveler – all of this information can be provided by the Music Department.


The Music Department can distribute the tickets to multiple people/groups, so contact Alice Smith or Christine Keenan to arrange the details!