COVID Pay Notice

Due to recent state legislation regarding absences related to COVID-19, we have created a new pool of COVID-related pay that can be used if there is a COVID-related absence from work. If you are absent from work and are unable to work remotely, there is now a new pay type called COVID Pay that can be used. This is designed to cover up to two weeks of work that can be missed due to COVID-19 related reasons. This time can be put in by the employee, the same way as vacation, sick or university holiday pay. If an employee is unable to enter their own time due to their absence, the supervisor or HR can enter this time in for them. If the employee is still able to fulfill their role remotely, and they continue to work, then regular hours should be recorded on their timecard.

Reminder: If someone reports COVID symptoms, please contact your supervisor and your supervisor can contact Human Resources.

If there are any questions regarding this update, please direct them to and remember to stay safe and follow all COVID protocols.