The Mystery Sunbird is... 9/22

If you read the Tuesday, September 22, “Who’s That Sunbird?” edition in Squawk Box, then you would have been able to guess who this week’s mystery Sunbird is. If you guessed, Melly Howard, then you guessed correctly! Melly, or Dr. Melly, has been with the university for five years. She currently serves as the assistant professor and program director of Biblical and Theological Studies. During her time at college, Melly served is a variety of roles to help support her through college including being a barista, sales manager at Bath & Body Works, interning at the state House of Representatives and many more. Melly has recently taken a leadership role serving as president for the Society for Values in Higher Education, which has been in existence for nearly a century! She is also passionate about the Bible and has been enjoying her time cuddling her dogs at home while binge-watching Dark on Netflix. Melly originally grew up in south central Pennsylvania but then moved to Indiana and New Jersey before happily settling in Fresno.


Thank you, Melly, for participating in this week’s “Who’s That Sunbird?”.


Also, a thank you to our employees who submitted their guesses!


A special shout out to the following employees who guessed correctly:

  • Wayne Steffen
  • Mackenzie Curtis
  • Eleanor Nickel
  • Jeff Jones
  • Hope Nisly