Learning Disabilities and ADHD Awareness Month

October is Learning Disabilities and ADHD Awareness Month. The National Center for Learning Disabilities declares this is “our time to celebrate the achievements of those with learning disabilities, raise awareness of the struggles students face and fight the stigma that individuals with LD face in society.” NCLD has created a series of “first-hand accounts and stories of the challenges and successes facing individuals living with LD and ADHD" found at LD Voices. Please take some time to read their stories to learn how you can be more inclusive of neurodiverse individuals. The NCLD website uses ReadSpeaker software embedded in their site so people can choose to have text read aloud. If you experiment with how the technology works highlight the section you want read if you don’t want to hear all of the navigation buttons. Similarly, FPU has a site license to Read & Write which can be downloaded from my.fpu.edu. Anyone with access to the university portal can download the software for personal, academic, or professional use. Click on the Read & Write button for video instructions, download links, and links to training material. If you want information on how a student with a learning or attention disability can be accommodated, please contact Disability Access and Education at (559) 453-2247 or disability.services@fresno.edu.