Alice Neikirk, Ph.D., and Ray Nickson, Ph.D., Publish New Restorative Justice Study

Alice Neikirk, Ph.D. and Ray Nickson, Ph.D., FPU’s leading restorative justice scholars and faculty in the Criminology program, have just had an article from a recent study accepted for publication in the interdisciplinary peer-reviewed journal, Social Science. The article, "Potlatch Justice," examines how restorative justice has come to represent sovereignty and cultural identity for two tribes in southern Oregon, the Confederated Tribes of Coos, Lower Umpqua, Siuslaw Indians and the Coquille Indian Tribe. The publication represents one dimension of this lengthy collaboration with both tribes, and incorporates extensive interviews with elders and tribal members. Ray has published and researched extensively in restorative justice, especially as it relates to responses to war crimes, ethnic and racial conflict, crimes against humanity and legacies of colonialism. Ray was previously at the Center for Restorative Justice at the Australian National University, a world leading institute for restorative justice practice and scholarship. Alice has previously worked with refugees throughout the world and published on the role restorative justice can play in addressing past histories of violence and oppression for these groups. Their work with both tribes continues.