Change to Shortcut URLs for Colleague, Sunbird Central and WebAdvisor

A recent change was made to the security certificates protecting our Ellucian hosted systems like Colleague, Sunbird Central and WebAdvisor. This change has caused https versions of the URL shortcuts you may use or have bookmarked like to show up as a security risk in your browser. Please know that ALL FPU SITES ARE SECURE! These convenient short URLs were put in place to make access easier and should redirect you to the correct resource. With the recent change, the “https://” versions are no longer covered by the certificate Ellucian has put in place. You can simply use the “http://” version or leave off the http or https altogether when typing the URL and you will be redirected to the appropriate secure site.  f you access sites through, you should not have any problems as the tiles there are linked to the full secure URL of the service. Once you get to the site you need, you can save it as a bookmark if you wish.


If you have any questions related to connecting to any FPU services, please don’t hesitate to call the FPU IT Helpdesk at 559-453-3410 or contact them via email at