Bathrooms and Concessions Building Coming to Steinert Athletic Complex!

On behalf of the athletic facility upgrade work team – Matt Mazzoni, Oscar Hirschkorn, Chuck Buller and Kathy Herms – it is my honor, as campaign director, to announce we have secured all funds and internal approval to progress through city permitting towards the construction process for phase one of our project. The first phase in the project is to construct a much needed permanent bathrooms and concessions building at the Marvin Steinert Athletic Complex. The location of the bathroom/concession building will be on the north side of the emergency lane near the outfield of the baseball stadium. All funds raised were done so by using restricted funds – meaning donors only gave because of this project – and they gave specifically to this project. A groundbreaking event is currently being planned for the near future.


We would like to thank Robert Lippert, Don Griffith, Facilities and IT Services Office for their input and guidance throughout this stage of the process. Also, we would like to thank the Student Government Association (SGA) who provided key support and funds for the benefit of all students!