New Student and Student-Athlete Training – Get Inclusive

Many of you have completed the “Preventing Harassment & Discrimination” from EverFi and we thank you for doing so! It is our goal to eliminate harassment and discrimination on our campuses and in our work environment. Now it’s time for the students to take their course. This course is a little different and is coming from Get Inclusive rather than EverFi. The Grad and DC new students will take a course called “Graduate Student Upstanders” and the new TUG/English Language students and all student-athletes will take “Voices for Change”. Those who are required to participate were sent an email today (Monday, October 19, 2020), from me, to let them know it’s coming. Sometimes students don’t recognize emails that come from other vendors so if they ask you about it please encourage them to take it. Thank you for your assistance in communicating this important information out to our students.