Faculty Webinar: Practical Strategies for Teaching Online - Conversations with Flower Darby

Faculty - Join our upcoming webinar with author Flower Darby to explore practical evidence-based techniques for teaching online. Remote, blended, hyflex and online courses present unique challenges for both students and faculty. Small teaching can help. We’ll explore practical, evidence-based techniques you can apply in your online teaching practice, small but impactful strategies that result in significant gains in student engagement and learning. You’ll gain guiding principles for structuring learning in online and blended environments, brief learning activities, and tips for impactful yet not too time-consuming communication with students. These approaches can also enhance in-person teaching during and after Covid-19, so join us to explore new ways of teaching online to enhance your overall practice.

About the Presenter
Flower Darby is the author of the recently published book Small Teaching Online where she explores the unique challenges of online and remote instruction and shares research-based teaching techniques that have proven to have a powerful effect on online classroom engagement and learning.


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Register for the book discussion at the COL Events https://col.eventbrite.com