City Council Approves CCT Contract to Lead Mayor's Faith Based Cabinet

On October 22 the Fresno City Council approved the FPU Center for Community Transformation’s (CCT) ongoing contract to convene the Mayor’s Faith Based Partnership Cabinet. The Faith Based Cabinet was organized by the CCT in 2017 and includes 26 faith leaders of every religious tradition in Fresno who convene quarterly to give community feedback to the Mayor about his policies, to represent the interests and concerns of their constituents to the Mayor, and to collaborate on community projects. Here is some of what the cabinet has accomplished:


Collective Wisdom and Collaborative Impact:

  • Coordinated with the array of homelessness agencies the creation of Sacred Streets congregational trainings, designed to educate and enlist congregations in outreach. Orchestrated multiple Sacred Streets trainings where CCT equipped more than 50 congregations in homelessness outreach.
  • Coordinated with the City’s Neighborhood Revitalization Team and created partnerships between Faith Based Cabinet institutions to accomplish more than 60 repairs at homes of residents on the west-side who were falling through the cracks.
  • Coordinated the writing and distribution of a joint (Pov/Fresno Mission) “Holiday Tips” resource for faith communities to be distributed at Thanksgivings and Christmases to counter the unwise practice of some faith institutions feeding homeless people from the backs of pickups during the holidays on G street. 
  • Orchestrated larger community faith council meetings where groups of 100-140 faith leaders heard about policies and priorities for the following year for the Mayor, and gave written feedback, which was delivered to the mayor annually to help inform his policy process. 
  • Educated 26 faith networks on subjects ranging from human trafficking to policing to community betterment projects, and how communities of faith can utilize their assets in service of the community.
  • Coordinated food delivery via church/school matches for COVID relief.