Who's That Sunbird? - 11/17

On this week’s edition of “Who’s That Sunbird?,” this Sunbird has been employed with the university for exactly 24 years this month. This individual enjoys playing euphonium in a community band, reading, walking, hanging out with their family and heading over to the Central Coast in their free time. A random special talent that this Sunbird can perform is being able to balance a cup or can on their knee while they sit cross-legged. In their previous employment, this Sunbird worked as a newspaper reporter that covered police, fire, city and county government topics. Before moving to California, this Sunbird calls Northeastern Indiana their home. Currently, this individual has been binge-watching The Black List and one of their all-time favorite movie series is The Godfather.


Can you guess who is this week’s mystery Sunbird? One guess per person and can be submitted to squawk.box@fresno.edu by 5:00 p.m. on Monday, November 23. The Sunbird will be announced on Tuesday, November 24.