Thanksgiving Gratitude Wall

Although we are unable to all celebrate in person at our annual Thanksgiving luncheon, we wanted to provide an opportunity for our FPU community to communicate our gratitude and thanks for one another during this holiday season. In the past at the luncheon, we have provided “thankful for” cards for everyone to fill out that would then be sent to those individuals or departments they were addressed for. To continue this tradition, Staff Executive invites you to express publicly who or what you are especially thankful for this season in a virtual format by visiting  


Also, once you visit the site you will see three columns. The “thankful for” posts will be filtered under the first column. We also invite you in the second column listed “My favorite recipe during the holidays is...” to share your favorite recipe you bake or prepare during the holiday seasons. The third column listed as “Staring December 1st drop your most festive hat or stocking” we invite you to share a photo of yourself decked out in your holiday spirit wear! More details to be announced in the coming weeks. We hope you are able to partake in these virtual initiatives to encourage and show appreciation to others!