The Mystery Sunbird is... 11/24

If you read the Tuesday, November 24, “Who’s That Sunbird?” edition in Squawk Box, then you would have been able to guess who this week’s mystery Sunbird is. If you guessed, Raquel Garcia, then you guessed correctly! Raquel has been employed with the university for 16 years and has been involved with five different departments during her time here. Raquel currently serves as the assistant director for community development at our Visalia regional campus. Before becoming a Sunbird, Raquel was employed as a clerk for the superior court and also as a paralegal for a law office. Raquel enjoys gardening and especially working with succulents. Her all-time favorite movie is 50 First Dates and has been excited to be working on her Ph.D. Raquel has three adorable Yorkies and has been enjoying her time at home cooking meals for her family.


Thank you, Raquel, for participating in this week’s “Who’s That Sunbird?”.


Also, a thank you to our employees who submitted their guesses!


A special shout out to the following employees who guessed correctly:

  • Wayne Steffen
  • Lauren Minaudo
  • Jessica Gutierrez