The Mystery Sunbird is... 12/1

If you read the Tuesday, December 1, “Who’s That Sunbird?” edition in Squawk Box, then you would have been able to guess who this week’s mystery Sunbird is. If you guessed, Kevin Enns-Rempel, then you guessed correctly! Kevin has been with the university for 37 years and has worked in the Hiebert Library since his initial hire. Kevin is the library director and has been in his current position for 11 years. In his spare time. Kevin enjoys playing the guitar, birding and advocating for historic preservation. A random fact about Kevin is that he is his own third cousin, once removed. Wondering how that is so? Ask him next time you have a meeting with him or an email! Kevin grew up in Dallas, OR, before heading to California and becoming a Sunbird. Currently, Kevin has been excited to be editing and applying metadata to historic photos for the university and his own family.


Thank you, Kevin, for participating in this week’s “Who’s That Sunbird?”.


Also, a thank you to our employees who submitted their guesses!


A special shout out to the following employees who guessed correctly:

  • Wayne Steffen
  • Trine Grillo
  • Amina McGensy
  • David Hasegawa
  • Ali Sena
  • Melinda Gunning
  • Hope Nisly
  • Melly Howard
  • Mark Baker
  • Lynn Jost
  • Jeff Jones
  • Eleanor Nickel
  • Jared Phillips
  • Peggi Kriegbaum
  • Alice Neikirk
  • Arlene Steffen
  • Jaime Ramirez
  • Henrietta Siemens
  • Debbie Lewis