COVID-19 Screening Update

The IT Services Office has been working with the EMT and Campus Safety Office to make the COVID-19 screening process required to enter a campus quicker and easier. A new streamlined form with simple checkboxes went live on December 17 and has been well received. In addition to the modifications to the My FPU app screening tile, we have also developed a mobile-friendly website for approved guests, non-employees who work on campus and individuals who are experiencing trouble with the My FPU app to use to complete the screening process. The site can be accessed by typing in “” into the browser on your smartphone. The site will pop up. This site requires no authentication. The only additional information asked for in the web version is the ID number and name. For employees and students who need to use the website, we ask that they enter in their ID number so we can better track usage for contact tracing if needed. If the individual is a guest or non-employee affiliate who does not have an ID number, they can enter in 0000000 in the ID field in order to proceed with scanning. If the My FPU app version is working well for you, we recommend continuing to use it since it grabs the ID and name from your profile automatically and speeds up the screening process.


If you run into problems with the My FPU app itself or authentication into the app, please try the website but also contact the IT Helpdesk so we can help troubleshoot and get the issue corrected.