MCD Tenting: Postponed to January 15

The McDonald Hall termite fumigation dates have changed to Friday, January 15, through Monday, January 18. Any items already stored out in Facilities Management can remain there and will be returned to your department on January 19. As a reminder, please remove the following items as needed.

  • Remove any items that are packaged in plastic, paper or cardboard bags or boxes (especially food items).
  • Remove anything packaged in foil like drinks, sauces or snacks.
  • Remove anything in plastic re-sealable containers.
  • Remove any and all forms of produce. 
  • Remove any plants from the building.

Books and other paper items will not be harmed. All doors and cabinets will need to be open for the fumigation process. If you have confidential information please make sure those items are securely locked away. If you have any questions please call the Facilities Office at 559-453-2277