Who's That Sunbird? - 1/12

On this week’s edition of “Who’s That Sunbird?,” this Sunbird has been with the university for 15 years and a part of two different departments. In their spare time, this Sunbird enjoys spending time with their three children, listening and playing music, helping others and making their kids do chores. A random fact about this Sunbird is that they are ambidextrous, have played the drums for 24 years and has traveled to 41 of our 50 states. Their all-time favorite movie is Forrest Gump and they have currently been binge-watching the TV show 30 Rock. For furry companions, this Sunbird has one small dog that they actually found strayed on FPU’s main campus 12 years ago. Can you guess who this week’s mystery Sunbird is? One guess per person and can be submitted to squawk.box@fresno.edu by 5:00 p.m. on Monday, January 18 . The Sunbird will be announced on Tuesday, January 19.