Atta Bird to Campus Safety!

This atta bird goes out to the Campus Safety Office for their continual service to our campuses and our community! 

Many see campus safety officers on and around our campuses, ensuring they remain safe and secure. Still, some may not know that they also act as additional eyes and ears for our community, often in touch with police and offering information and help when appropriate. Over the weekend, a campus safety officer patrolling the main campus noticed a young boy alone on the median on Chestnut Avenue near Butler. An FPU campus safety officer determined the boy did not have a guardian in the area and stayed with the boy while calling the police. Police arrived and determined this young boy had wandered away from his grandmother and a search for the missing boy was in process. Thanks to the FPU campus safety officer, who notified the police, the young boy remained safe and was provided with the proper care he needed. This example is one of many of how FPU campus safety works to keep our campuses and community safe. Atta bird, Campus Safety!