DC3 is Going Live: Q&A Session

Student Financial Services invites you to join us for a DC3 Q+A session on Zoom at 2:00 p.m. on Thursday, April 15. We'll provide a short overview and then answer questions from the FPU community about this exciting transition. Please use this link to attend: https://tinyurl.com/FPUDC3.

After years of planning, this summer kicks off the Degree Completion Three-Semester Academic Year (DC3). The DC academic calendar is changing from having two 24-week terms each year to a standard academic year consisting of a 12-week summer and 18-week fall and spring terms. The summer session is now considered the "header" of the academic year instead of a "trailer" for all students. The 2021-2022 academic catalogs follow the updated calendar and become available on May 1st.


But why? So FPU can enable hundreds of DC students to increase their Pell Grants each year and make their education more affordable. So SFS can use standardized Pell formulas and reduce processing time. So TUG students who need to enroll in a DC course, or vice versa, now have a calendar that better allows cross-enrollment and also meets federal regulations. And more!