The Mystery Sunbird is... 4/6

If you read the Tuesday, April 6, “Who’s That Sunbird?” edition in Squawk Box, then you would have been able to guess who this week’s mystery Sunbird is. If you guessed Tyjuan Gibson, then you guessed correctly! Tyjuan is a residence director over in Campus Life and has been with the university for five academic years now! Tyjuan enjoys tending his indoor plants, playing Xbox, baking goodies and going on walks with his family. Before becoming a Sunbird, Tyjuan was employed in a traffic/security job for eight years before transitioning over into higher education. One of his random talents is being intermediately skilled at yo-yo and has video proof in case anyone is curious! Tyjuan was born and raised in the inner-city of Chicago, Illinois before heading out to Fresno, California. Currently, he has been watching Wandavision, 9-1-1 and 9-1-1: Lone Star in his spare time and has been excited to be focusing his energy on the success and retention of first-generation students. He is passionate about giving a voice to those who are unheard or marginalized. 


Thank you, Tyjuan, for participating in this week’s “Who’s That Sunbird?”.


Also, a thank you to our employees who submitted their guesses!


A special shout out to the following employees who guessed correctly:

  • Wayne Steffen
  • Jeff Jones
  • Marjorie Ford