NEOED Announcement

The Human Resources Office is constantly looking for ways to improve the processes we have at Fresno Pacific. We are excited for this next improvement!

We recently launched an online applicant tracking system called NEOED to help with our staff application process. After we launched this system, we have been hard at work to bring in a more seamless and online onboarding process as well. HR is happy to announce that we are ready to launch this side of NEOED.

This side of NEOED will make the position requisition process faster and more efficient. Beginning June 1st of this year, we will be retiring the PRF form for requesting a position to be posted. We will be asking all that all staff positions be requested through NEOED’s online requisition. We will also be using this same system to complete an online PAF to hire the selected candidate. For signing both the requisition and PAF, there is an entirely online workflow for every department. That is two less forms that you will need to track down, complete, and email for approval. This will allow for faster processing of these requests.

Human Resources will be scheduling training during the month of May to bring all supervisors who hire for their departments up to speed with this change. We are very excited about what this system will allow us to do going forward.

*To access the online training offered by NEOGOV/NEOED, you can visit and select training at any time.